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Premiers’ Embrace of Aboriginal Issues Has Been a Long Time

HUFFINGTON POST  – The recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission were on the agenda of Canada’s premiers, meeting at Happy Valley-Goose Bay earlier this week. The Premiers did more than discuss the wide-ranging recommendations. They took the unusual step of endorsing the lengthy list, with Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Paul Davis saying, “We will together, jointly, make this happen.” It was a remarkable commitment, all the more so given the troubled history for provincial leaders on this file.  Read More.

Ken Coates dispels the myths about Aboriginal Canadians

March 6, 2015 – MLI/Reddit – In the latest instalment of Straight Talk, MLI Senior Fellow and Canada Research Chair Ken Coates answers questions posed by readers on Reddit.com during a live chat on Feb. 24th. Coates, who is leader of MLI’s Aboriginal Canada and the Natural Resource Economy project, covered topics ranging from Maclean’s magazine’s cover story on racism faced by Aboriginal people in Winnipeg to prospects for resource revenue sharing. The following has been edited and condensed.

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