Northern Development and Circumpolar Affairs

In my role as Canada Research Chair and Director, International Centre for Northern Governance and Development, I am pursuing some significant projects related to northern Saskatchewan. I am currently working on three major initiatives:

Circumpolar Innovation: I am examining the nature and extent of innovation in the Circumpolar world, with a view to gaining lessons for Northern Saskatchewan. I am particularly interested in innovative approaches to the delivery of governments and efforts to commercialize scientific and technological discoveries.

North Below the North: I am working with Greg Poelzer on a study of the circumpolar sub-Arctic. With much of the political attention focused on the High Arctic, much less study is being devoted to the more heavily populated and economically important sub-Arctic. This study is looking at the socio-economic and political evolution of this vital region, of which northern Saskatchewan is a crucial part.

Northern Saskatchewan Human Development Project: Northern Saskatchewan faces significant socio-economic problems, ranging from unemployment and below average incomes to challenges sustaining traditional economic activity. We do not, however, have a proper baseline for understanding the regional and public policy issues that are vital for the future of northern Saskatchewan. This socio-economic study, a centre-piece of the International Centre for Northern Governance and Development and undertaken with Greg Poelzer, will be maintained as a long-term initiative in order to chart changes related to government policy and northern economic activity.


  • The Contemporary Canadian North

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  • Northern Canadian History

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