Book Chapters

The Re-Invention of the Academy

“The Re-Invention of the Academy: How Technology Mediated Learning Will – And Will Not – Transform Advanced Education,” Cheung, S. et al, eds., Hybrid Learning and Continuing Education (New York: Springer, 2013), pp. 1-9.



Oxford History of International Law


“Aboriginal Law (North America),” in the Oxford History of International Law (Oxford: OUP, 2013)



Tourism and war


“Tourism Shaped by War:  The Unusual Evolution of Tourism in the Far Northwest of North America,” in Richard Butler and Wantanee Suntikul, eds., Tourism and War (London: Routledge, 2012), with W.R. Morrison.



New Dynamics in East Asian Politics


“East Asia in the Digital Age: National Innovation Strategies of China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.” New Dynamics in East Asian Politics, Zhiqun Zhu,ed. (New York: Continuum, 2012). With Carin Holroyd.



World Religions


“Indigenous Traditions,” World Religions: Canadian Perspectives, Western Traditions, Doris Jakobsch, ed., (Toronto: Nelson, 2012).



Seeding the Lead


“Seeding the Lead: A new model for innovation, commercialization, and technology transfer within the Arts.” The International Forum on the Creative Economy (March 17-18, 2008). With Jill Thomasson Goodwin and David Goodwin.


Aboriginal Self-Government in Canada


“From Panacea to Reality:  The Practicalities of Canadian Aboriginal Self-Government Agreements,” Yale D. Belanger, ed. Aboriginal Self-Government in Canada: Current Trends and Issues, 3rd. Ed (Saskatoon: Purich Publishing, 2008). With W.R. Morrison.


Continuity and Change in Canadian Politics


“Aboriginal Peoples and the Crown in Canada: Completing the Canadian Experiment,” in Hans Michelmann and Cristine De Clercy, eds., Continuity and Change in Canadian Politics; Essays in Honour of David E. Smith (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2006).  With Greg Poelzer.


“Communicating About Health and Health Care in the Information Age,” in Midori Ashida, ed., Comparative Perspectives on Health Care in Japan (Japanese) 2004.  With Carin Holroyd.

“Women’s Health Policies and Issues in the Canadian Health Care System,” in Midori Ashida, ed., Comparative Perspectives on Health Care in Japan (Japanese) 2004.  With Carin Holroyd.

Parallel Destinies


“Border Crossings: The Boundary in the History and Historiography of the Pacific Northwest,” in Ken Coates and John Findlay, eds., Parallel Destinies: Canadian-American Relations West of the Rockies (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2002).


Northern Visions


“The North and the Nation: The Canadian North in the History of Canada,” in Kerry Abel and Ken Coates, eds., Northern Visions: new perspectives on the North in Canadian History, Broadview, NY, 2001. With Kerry Abel.



“Indigenous Rights in Canada,” Michael Tucker, Raymond Blake, P.E. Bryden, eds., Canada and the New World Order: Facing the New Millennium (Toronto: Irwin Publishing, 2000).

“Winter and the Shaping of Northern History: Reflections from the Canadian North,” in Ingi Sigurðsson and Jón Skaptason, eds. Papers from the Circumpolar History Conference (Reykjavik: University of Iceland, 2000). Reprinted in Kerry Abel and Ken Coates, eds., Northern Visions, (Broadview, NY) 2001.  With W.R. Morrison.

Japan after the Economic Miracle


“Japan and the Internet,” Paul Bowles and Larry Woods, ed., Japan after the Economic Miracle (London, 1999).



North America


“Native North Americans,” in Frederick Boal and Stephen Royle, eds., North America: A Geographical Mosaic (London: Arnold, 1999). With W.R. Morrison.



“Gentle Confiscation: The Settlement of Canada and the Dispossession of the First Nations,” in Paul Haveman, ed., Indigenous Peoples and the Law: Comparative Perspectives (Auckland: Oxford University Press, 1999), 141-161.

Encyclopedia of Historians and Historical Writing


“Alfred Crosby, and W.L. Morton,” in Kelly Boyd, ed., Encyclopedia of Historians and Historical Writing, 2 vols. (London: Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers), 1999.



Prospering together


“The History of Aboriginal Land Rights and Claims in British Columbia,” and “Aboriginal Self-Government in British Columbia,” in R. Kunin, ed., Prospering Together: The Economic Impact of the Aboriginal Title Settlements in B.C. (Vancouver: Laurier Institution, 1998).



Terra Pacifica


“A Matter of Context: World History and the Pacific Northwest,” in Paul Hirt, ed., Terra Pacifica: People and Place in Northwest North America and Western Canada (Pullman: Washington State University, 1998).



“Boundaries and the Pacific Northwest: The Historical and Contemporary Significance of Borders in Western North America,” in Lars-Folke Lanbdgren and Maunu Häyrynen, eds., The Dividing Line: Borders and National Peripheries (Helsinki: Renvall Institute, 1997).

“Writing the North,” in Sherrill Grace, ed., Essays in Canadian Writing (1997).  With W.R. Morrison

Consuming Canada


“Native People and the Alaska Highway,” in Chad Gaffield and Pam Gaffield, eds., Consuming Canada: Readings in Environmental History (Toronto: Copp Clark Ltd., 1995). With W.R. Morrison.



Indigenous Peoples in Remote Regions


“Indigenous Land Rights in Comparative Perspective,” in Ken Coates and John Taylor, eds.,  Indigenous Peoples in Remote Regions: Comparative Perspectives (Thunder Bay: Centre for Northern Studies, 1995).  With Brenda Clark.


“Friendly Invasions: U.S. Armies of Occupation During World War II,” in Ray Richards and Laurie Barber, eds., Reflections on World War II (Hamilton: University of Waikato, Department of History, 1995).

“Lord Durham Revisited: The Cultural Struggle of Nations and Peoples within the Canadian State,” in H. Patrick Glenn and Monique Ouellette, eds., Culture, Justice and Law (Montreal: Les Editions Themis, 1994), pp. 1-18.

The Klondike Stampede


“Preface,” in Tappan Adney, The Klondike Stampede, reprinted edition (Vancouver: UBC Press, 1994).






“In Whose Best Interest?: The Federal Government and the Native People of Yukon, 1946-1991,” Rebirth: Political, Economic, and Social Development in First Nations (Dundurn Press, Toronto & Oxford, 1993).  With W.R. Morrison.



Law for the Elephant


“Controlling the Army of Occupation: Law Enforcement and the Northwest Defense Projects, 1942-1946,”  Law For The Elephant, Law For The Beaver: Essays in the Legal History of the North American West (Regina: Canadian Plains Research Center, University of Regina, 1992). With W.R. Morrison.

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Digging into Popular Culture


“Towards a Methodology of Disasters: The Case of the Princess Sophia,” in Ray Browne et al., eds.  Digging into Popular Culture: Theories and Methodologies in Archaeology, Anthropology and Other Fields (Bowling Green, OH: Popular Press, 1991). With W.R. Morrison.


“Scientific Knowledge and Northern Megaprojects: the Role of Academics and Scientists in the Construction of the Alaska Highway and Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Projects,” The Role of Circumpolar Universities in Northern Development (Thunder Bay: Lakehead University Centre for Northern Studies, 1991). With W. R. Morrison

“Academic Versus Community-Based Scholarship in the Canadian North: Reflections on an Uneasy Relationship,”  The Role of Circumpolar Universities in Northern Development (Thunder Bay: Lakehead University Centre for Northern Studies, 1991). With W.R. Morrison.

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“On the Move: Reflections on the Impact of Non-Native Transciency on the Yukon Territory, in Arctic Institute of North America,” Old Pathways and New Directions: Towards a Sustainable Future (Calgary: Arctic Institute of North America, 1989), pp. 1-14.

Northern Communities


“Upsetting the Rhythms: The Federal Government and the Evolution of Native Life in the Yukon Territory, 1945-1970,” in Dacks and Coates, eds., Northern Communities: The Prospects for Empowerment (Edmonton: Boreal Institute, 1988).  Reprinted in Ken Coates and Robin Fisher, eds., Out of the Background, 2nd Edition (Toronto: Copp Clark Pitman, 1996).

1885 and After


“More Than a Matter of Blood: The Federal Government, the Churches and the Mixed Blood Populations of the Yukon and the Mackenzie River Valley, 1890-1950,” in F.L. Barron and J.B. Waldram, 1885 and After: Native Society in Transition (Regina: Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1986).  With W.R. Morrison.


Indian Education in Canada


“A Very Imperfect Means of Education”: Indian Day Schools in the Yukon Territory, in Jean Barman, Y. Hebert and D. McCaskill, eds., Indian Education in Canada, Vol. 1: The Legacy (Vancouver: UBC Press, 1986)



The Alaska Highway


“The Alaska Highway and the Indians of the Southern Yukon, 1942-50: A Study of Native Adaptation to Northern Development,” and “The Civilian Highway: Public Works Canada and the Alaska Highway, 1964-83,” in K. Coates, ed., The Alaska Highway (Vancouver: UBC Press, 1985).